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Spoiler alert: Hadoop. Hadoop, Hadoop, Hadoop.
Also: Hadoop.


Come work with us at Union Metrics!


Love analytics and social media? We’re hiring at Union Metrics! We have several new job openings in both our San Francisco and Austin offices. Take a look and let us know if you’re interested. Here’s a list of our current open positions: 

Write code?
We’re looking for awesome engineers who want to work on systems with hundreds of servers processing hundreds of millions of events for hundreds of customers.

Want to be instrumental in growing a business?
We’re looking for people that get excited about telling the world about great products and working with amazing customers doing kickass things on social media.

Get in touch. It’ll be fun.


Help me help you scrape (good) Twitter job posts (for you)

While I’m not looking for work, I have a few Twitter friends who are. I also have some buddies who aren’t out of work, but are freelancers and regularly dip into a stream of gig announcements.

This post is not about a need for another job site. There are so many interesting, awesome thing happening with that. I couldn’t out-create/out-creaTIVE them, and don’t want to.

This is just about you, my one-two-degree out buddies, and how many of us are working on incredibly similar set of problems related to marketing/art and technology, especially using social media as a… um… medium.


I’m going to regularly slurp all the job postings out of my Twitter timeline, and repost most of them in other place, probably Tumblr.


In order to that, I need to identify common phrases used in job postings. Have you recently tweeted a job post? How did you phrase it?

Have you recently read a job post? How was it phrased?

Here are the phrases we have so far:

If you have any to add, it’d be great if you edited this Google Doc. It’s easy.