Three Tumblr Dashboard changes (bugs?)

1) Tag (search) - is it broken/out of chronological order?

Hard to tel, coz “repetition” of items (via reblogging) is the natural order of things on Tumblr.

Update: Tumblr, via support email), has acknowledged a tag/search bug, says they’re working on it.

2) Infinite scroll hangs a lot lately


For the past week, infinite scrolling in the Dashboard has hung alot, forced me to hard refresh (and lose “my spot” in the feed)

3) The new audio player is broken for many

[Update: April 17, 2013: Audio player is now working for me in the environments listed below, and I’m not alone.]

(Previous to the bug fix:)

I work on multiple operating systems. The new player is cool, but at no point has the new audio player worked for me on Windows 7 (Chrome nor Internet Explorer nor Firefox, not in the Dashboard, not on people’s public-facing Tumblrs).

I’m not alone.


What about y’all?

Noticing any of this?

h/t to @equartey (below) for starting the thread.


Everything is out of chronological order - it’s like the twilight zone. Is this just me or is this something affecting other people as well?

UPDATE: Looks like it’s a bug. paul4allseasons got the following response from Tumblr Support:

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that this is not a new feature, but rather an issue that our engineers are aware of and will fix it as soon as they can. We appreciate your patience.




bug report: New Pinterest has broken/missing tagging/username autocomplete


On January 28th, Pinterest announced a redesign (as a “test,” not pushed to all users).

(Not gonna go over all the changes here. This is more of a bug report/public service in case you’ve Googled this issue. #hero)

On the current Pinterest, as with many social platforms, you can reference other users by typing the “@” symbol and starting to type their name. Pinterest then auto-completes this. (On Facebook this is called “tagging,” on Twitter, “atting” or “@-ing”.) (screenshot above, with functional tagging.)

On the new/beta Pinterest redesign, you can type all you want, and Pinterest doesn’t auto-complete nada. The cursor just hangs there and waits lifelessly for you to do all the work yourself, like it doesn’t know you.

I see you, Pinterest.

Bug report: filed.

For now we Deal With It.


thanks for the tip, @raydennis.


Facebook Activity Log busted/blank for non-personal pages


[update May 24, 2013: This issue is happening again. This workaround still works.]

[12:02 PM. Update with workaround.]

Here’s a workaround I got on Twitter from @raydennis + @GINGERtweetz:

Stay logged in to your personal account, visit the Activity Log url for your page: https://www.facebook.com/YOURBUSINESSPAGENAME/allactivity.

The Activity Log will be visible.


When the going gets weird, the weirded go to Twitter to make sure they’re not the only ones.

You’re not.

The Facebook Activity Log for Pages is busted right now. Basically you get a blank page. (Personal account Activity Log is working just fine.)

Here’s user-started thread in a Facebook support forum.


One user suggested that this bug was only happening in some browsers, but I can’t reproduce functionality in any browser at the moment.

On a slightly hopeful note: if you View Source on your Activity Log page, you can see lotsa HTML all about your activities… commented out (!?). So your stuff is fine, just mostly invisible at the moment.

Based on chatter, it looks like this has been going on for at least 5 hours as of 11:30 Pacific, no response from Facebook yet.


Twitter is untiling your background profile image

(Gotta blog this out so people don’t question their sanity. Too much chatter on Twitter with no documentation.)

You’re not crazy. Twitter is untiling the background image in a lot of peoples’ profile. And it wasn’t a one-time thing that we can now repair. It happened, you set it back. It happens again.

Guess who’s not crazy.



But it’ll probs break again.

The Twitter support account, which regularly tweets about known bugs, has not mentioned this in the week-ish it’s been going on.

Update: Found this in the Twitter developer forums. Twitter engineering knows about the background tiling issue as of 4 days ago. (But asks for it to be submitted to @support, not developer area. Technically makes sense. But there is no publicly-searchable support forum, so I’m sympathetic to why the user did it.)