Pinterest testing animated GIF support. Girl, never mind.

[update: Pinterest pushed animated GIF support live, with a caveat.]

According to kateknibbs writing for thedailydot (both reliable about this stuff), Pinterest ( pinterblog on tumblr) is testing animated GIF support.

Notable. But also frustrating.

Pinterest is the most overly tentative feature-adder ever. They tested Pinterest Twitter Card support twice… about a year apart, and killed it both times. Girl please.

And their hard-to-browse-mini-activity-feed took years to change… only to not address any of the primary shortcomings.

But lemme come clean. Not all of the frustration I have is fairly directed at Pinterest. 

Animated GIF support is the most tiptoed-around feature ever… for everybody. Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter all could easily add it. It’s not a technical challenge. It’s a giant boogeyman question mark they have, all worrying about if it will trash their precious feed experience.

Spoiler-alert: it won’t. And as soon as one of you adds it, you all will. All regretting what took you so long.

What’s going on is everybody has PTSD about MySpace looking junky, and thinking it’s because of animated GIF support. It’s not. 

Staid classy-joints Pocket, Medium, and Storify all support animated GIFs just fine. Not to mention Tumblr. It’s not the GIF, it’s the creator. Some profiles look crazy no matter what. Some look beautiful no matter what.

It’s up to the creator/curator.

And we all already jump through hoops either on the client or publishing side to support animated GIFs/force our audiences to click-through to see them. Just enable them, full-stop.

And I don’t mean a click-to-play implementation. Just do it, girl. Enable GIFs. Basta.