Tumblr adds autocomplete @user-handles to Dashboard editor

Unlike other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), Tumblr has no structured notification to let you know when you’ve been mentioned on other Tumblrs. 

So we resort to add-hoc “mentioning” systems with Tumblr tags. (Why this doesn’t work/how Tumblr tags/search is broken is for another time.)

It looks like Tumblr is making moves to fix the lack of mentioning system, though.

If you start typing in a Tumblr username with an @-, Tumblr will search, autocomplete, and automatically make a link to the user’s Tumblr.

It will also remove the “@.” (The @ triggers it, but does not remain.)

Unfortunately, this is not complete “user tagging.” From what I can see, the user receives no notification their Acitivity feed that you tagged/mentioned them.

But one imagines staff is working on adding this. (See what I did there?)