Agencies: Pinterest update adds Twitter social graph (friend-finder)

What Pinterest is calling a new “look” is less of a redesign, and more of a new version. There’s lotsa new stuff (“related” Pins, a la YouTube, huge discovery flow), and a lot of removed stuff (bye-bye “origin” trail, a la Tumblr, pout).

Many of these changes are of interest to marketers, but this post is gonna focus on the biggest one: The Twitter social graph (aka, “friend finder”) is now completely accessible in Pinterest.

In other words: you can find your Twitter community, and they can find you, in a much more straight-forward way.

Twitter social-graph access is a critical tool for marketers and businesses on social platforms, because Facebook friend-finding is pretty much useless for businesses: Pinterest lets you connect to your personal Facebook account, but your business’s hundreds/thousands of Facebook Page Likers are lost in a black hole, inaccessible to your business’s new presence.

Twitter’s all-accounts-are-the-same (no distinction between “real person” and “business page”) structure works much better for joining new networks, and bringing over a community.

But until now, Pinterest had been kinda half-assed about Twitter social-graph access.

In the old Pinterest, at time of sign-up, you got a decent one-time pass at finding your Twitter buddies. But after that, you only got occasional email about Twitter friends joining, and a wacky, peekaboo feed that came and went with some of your Twitter friends (not clearly marked as Twitter friends, btw).


When you clicked “see all” you were brought to a Find Friends page that DID NOT INCLUDE TWITTER, just Facebook, even though it was just showing you a preview of Twitter friends. This has driven me crazy for a year+.


Now let’s look at the new Pinterest Friend Finder.

This is more like it! Here are your Twitter friends!


Yay. Nothing like not having to rebuild your community from scratch.

Big + welcome news.

PS- It’s worth noting that this does not require you to declare your Pinterest account a “business” account, or to have verified your website. The Twitter social graph access applies to all accounts who have upgraded to the new Pinterest.

PPS- the new Pinterest is not without some bugs/unfortunate changes. While I’m very enthusiastic about the new Twitter social graph access, I still recommend a fully considered evaluation before upgrading your Pinterest account.