Hola fellow nerds!

Andrea Lopez here. But “bluechoochoo” whenever I can be. And “lilbluechoochoo” whenever that username is taken.

I hack marketing stuff. I combine statistics, network analysis, a bit of scripting, a bit of cognitive psychology, a bit of advertising, mix it up… and solve marketing problems, mostly with social media.

Not like I’m Professor Fancy Data Scientist. You’re probably very multi-disciplinary yourself.

I love the Internet and social media. I’m an Internet Romantic. I believe most of the corny stuff people like Clay Shirky and Tim Oreilly say about the cool potential of the Internet. But that doesn’t mean I romanticize all of the business culture that often comes with it.

I’m not looking for employment at this time. I’m an independent. I do consulting, but am not taking on new projects right now.

But, but, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to interact/communicate/chat. I love comparing notes with folks and I dig teaching/getting people excited about the Internet.

I’ve put my Twitter on my profile here. And here you are on my Tumblr. If you appreciate the creativity and serendipity of these networks, there’s a good chance we’ll like each other.

That said, if the power of the personal note compels you, here is my email:

lilbluechoochoo [at] the primary email domain controlled by google [dot] the most common domain suffix on the planet.

And here is how you can get email from me:

(I have a mailing list.)